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Company history

Seventies 70(1979)

Ilsa spa was founded thanks to the entrepreneurship of two men who at the end of the 1970s understood the importance to use correct materials suitable for food products.

nside the small workshop in Codognè foundations were established for a company which today is proud of its industrialized production and its worldwide distribution of professional kitchens and appliances for the refrigeration that are required by the best professionals of the sector.

Eithies 80

Since 1981 at the new plant of about 6000 m2 in San Fior (TV), in the heart of "Inoxvalley district", thanks to the work of our technicians with professional cooks ILSA projects new equipment like the pizza prep. counter which is still one of the most exported and imitated product all over the world.

Its constant and relentless growth obtained thanks to the passion and need to supply the market of even more reliable equipment together with the important investments c like the famous Salvagnini automatic machines allowed the company to grow in the international markets. New production lines were added such as refrigeration and neutral elements for Pastry and Gastronomy.

Nineties 90

Our passion for innovation and technology and the growing demand of the domestic and forein markets lead us to the renovation of the company organization using new production methods which increased our efficiency and competitivity and therefore achieving a prestigeous image in the Ho.Re.Ca sector.

Convinced that research and development of great importance to create innovative appliances which can satisfy the increasing request of our customers and of the market in general ILSA extended its plant to 12000m2 adding a new laboratory area with climatic chambers to test the appliances at extreem conditions and manufacture better ranges of catering equipment. For this reason ILSA was awarded the prestigeous "Premio Compasso d’oro ADI" considered the oldest and most distinguished design universal award.

Years 2000

In line with the food industry evolution ILSA renews and complete all refrigerated upright cabinets and blast chillers/shock freezers ranges for the conservation of foodstuffs increasing energy efficiency by decreasing consumption and introducing Ilsa Energy Save System concept: it is undeniable that eco sustainability is a priority and the company is every day activily involved in respecting the environment by decreasing wastes more than all other competitors in the sector even inventing a new range of neutral equipment with a patented system which allowed our customers to reduce costs and assembling times.

In order to complete its range in 2004 Ilsa spa acquired company Desco in Reggio Emilia famous for patenting the pasta cookers and automatic baskets lifters. After renewing Desco trademark Ilsa became one of the few companies in the sector of gastronomy to produce and supply with all ranges of catering equipment.


ILSA commitment and interest are always aim to the improvement of its products and service in order to satify every customer's need. Our perseverance has been awarded recently with the important Smart Label 2015 award, which is the reward to innovation in the HO.RE.CA. sector assigned by HOST – Fiera Milano in cooperation with POLI.design, thanks to our new Green Power refrigerated upright cabinet design which distinguish itself for its functionality , technology, eco-sustainability, ethic and social aspecs.
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ISO9001 certification attesting the conformity of quality management system specifications required by the international regulations. The ISO 9001 regulations show that the system of quality management of our company has been recognized as complying with a standard of excellence.

ETL is Intertek trademark and is the symbol for security recognized in North America (USA and Canada). It means that ILSA equipment have been tested by an external accredited laboratory, in compliance with safety standards and minimum requiremens, with the aim of selling and distributing all over the North-American territory.

ETL Sanitation it is the trademark which proves that ILSA equipment can be used in the production of foodstuffs intended for human consumption or in environments where such foods are produced. Moreover this trademark proves that the production site operates in compliance with a wide range of regulations and is periodically inspected in order to verify their regular observance. The trademark is valid in all North America territory (USA and Canada).

IEC60335 Certification which proves the compliace with International Regulations in terms of electric safety (valid for all cooking line and 60Hz refrigeration equipment).

Mandatory CE Gas Certification proving the conformity with European Directive 2009/142/CE

CE declaration of conformity for all equipment, certifies that all ILSA products have the minimum requirements for citizens' safety and health.