sanificatore ad ozono

Ozon-based sanitization line

Sany is an ozone sanitizer entirely manufactured in Italy

The need to sanitize environments, clothing and food has now become a requirement to ensure the everyday safety of common areas as well as people.
ISSA (Ilsa Sanification System) was born from ILSA with the aim of seeking effective solutions for the sanitation not only of the rooms but also of the clothing used daily.
The range has systems that use ozone as a decontaminating agent and consists of generators for the sanitization of air and environments, and wardrobe lockers for sanitizing personal or work clothing.

Ozone sanitizer for environments SANY0500

Model SANY0500

Ozone sanitizer for environments SANY1000

Model SANY1000

Ozone sanitizer for environments SANY5000

Model SANY5000

Ozone sanitizer for environments SANYP500

Model SANYP500

Cabinet with sanitizing system SANY2P05 with 2 compartments

Model SANY2P05

Cabinet with sanitizing system SANY3P05 with 3 compartments

Model SANY3P05

Cabinet with sanitizing system SANY2P05-V with 2 compartments

Model SANY2P05-V

Cabinet with sanitizing system SANY3P05-V with 3 compartments

Model SANY3P05-V