Professional equipment for food refrigeration

Refrigeration line: cooling technology for food storage for pastry, ice cream, gastronomy and pizzeria

The equipment in the refrigeration line allows space to be organised in a more functional manner. Refrigerated cabinets, blast chillers and refrigerated counters are designed with special attention to their possible installation in gastronomy, pastry and ice-cream shops. The use of these products allows the organoleptic characteristics and the integrity of the food structure to be maintained.

Ilsa offers the best solutions of professional refrigeration, designing equipment for professional kitchens suitable for every need, respecting the environment. The company is now a reference point for professionals in the catering, pastry, ice cream and pizzeria, thanks to the aesthetics, ergonomics, practicality and cutting-edge refrigeration equipment. Ilsa professional products are Made in Italy and made with high quality materials.

Professional equipment for food storage and preparation

Discover our professional and certified equipment for the preparation and storage of food and ingredients.

Meat agers,
retarder prover counters,
refrigerated tables,
refrigerated cabinets,
roll in,
retarder prover cabinets,
seasoning cabinets,
blast chillers and shock freezers and
pizza counters.