armadi sanificati ozono Ilsa

The national newspaper LaRepubblica
writes about us

"Ilsa's new sanitizing"

Our new Sany Cabinet garment sanitising device has not gone unnoticed, so much so that it was also mentioned in the national daily newspaper La Repubblica.

In a focus that goes deeper into the theme of hygiene and sanitization, never so topical as at present, a description is given of our product which, thanks to a new technology that operates on ozone, purifies and sterilizes clothing, shoes and any workwear and is therefore very useful in the medical sector, in the large-scale retail trade and in many other applications.

The article explains in detail how our locker works, dedicates a short piece to our company history dating back to the 80’s, and enhances how we have always developed cutting-edge products with the highest technology.

Our philosophy, reflected in the concept of the Ilsa Energy Save System, is very attentive to the environment and eco-sustainability and that is why in 2015 we were awarded with the prestigious Smart Label that honours our commitment for innovation in the hospitality industry.


armadi sanificati ozono Ilsa