The leavening process and Ilsa Bakery System technology

The leavening process

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We all know that a good proving process is an essential step in the production of baked goods, to obtain bread, pizza and other baked goods that are easier to digest and offer a tasty flavour. It is a process known since ancient times, perfected by the Egyptians in 3000 B.C., whose essential factor is the action of yeast.

The leavening process

Yeasts are living micro-organisms belonging to the fungus kingdom. There are over a thousand species and once activated, i.e. brought to the right temperature, they have the ability to feed on the sugars contained in the dough and transform them into carbon dioxide.
This process causes the dough to swell, acquiring the typical alveolar structure of bread and pizza.
Leavening not only makes the final result softer and tastier, it also has the important function of making it more digestible.

Factors in the leavening process

Besides the yeast, another key aspect of good leavening is the temperature, which must remain within well-defined limits.
In fact, the yeasts are only activated above 6° but die if the temperature rises above 38°, thus failing in their essential function.
The last element involved in this delicate balance is time. The right temperature must be kept constant for a sufficient period of time to allow the dough to prove.

Leavening delay

The Ilsa Bakery System simplifies the whole process for bakery and pastry professionals.
This is a controlled leavening system based on innovative technology that manages temperature and leavening time for perfect results. In detail, the system keeps the dough at a temperature below 4 °C, slowing down the fermentation action of the yeast for the desired time. The leavening process is thus delayed until the programmed start, with obvious advantages in terms of flexibility of working hours.
The quality of the final product is significantly improved as the process management reduces the use of yeasts and additives. The leavening process is natural, as it is slower, resulting in a more homogeneous dough with better organoleptic properties.

The Ilsa range of proving cabinets

Ilsa cabinets with retarder proving function use the Ilsa Bakery System, allowing work programming: it is simply a matter of entering the parameters of the different work phases to obtain leavened dough at the desired time.
Ilsa Bakery System takes care of all the rest, from the delay in proving to resting, from the start of proving to storage.
The Ilsa range of refrigerated cabinets offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the most diverse requirements in terms of tray size and temperature management. Moreover, the high quality of the materials used and the ventilation for uniform cooling make Ilsa proving cabinets an irreplaceable partner in the production of bread and bakery products.

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Official Sponsor of the Club de la Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

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